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About  Port Sa’id

In 2010, a team of DJs and music lovers decided to establish a radio station and bar called Teder.FM and broadcast it from the courtyard outside the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv.

This place quickly evolved into a destination for those who love music, with people sitting outside for hours to witness this one of a kind of sound system and fresh music selection. After Teder.FM moved from its original home, the team decided to collaborate with Eyal Shani on a new project in this space. To the Teder.FM team, Eyal was more like a poet than a chef, and they saw a similarity between their passion for music and his passion for food. And thus, Port Sa’id was born.

The unique collaboration between Chef Eyal Shani and Teder.FM made Port Sa’id one of the first places to combine the sounds of a hi-fi listening bar and the food of a creative, produce-driven restaurant. With an ever changing menu and artfully curated vinyl from the restaurant's library and private collections, Port Sa’id is an immersive dining experience unlike any other. After a decade of success in Tel Aviv, it’s only fitting that Port Sa'id has made its way to New York, a city that is bursting at the seams with music and flavors from all over the world.

Chef  Eyal Shani

Chef Eyal Shani was born in Jerusalem in 1959. His culinary passion was first instilled in him by his grandfather, an agronomist and a dedicated vegan, who exposed him to local markets, fields, and vineyards from a young age. In 1989, he opened his first restaurant "Oceanus" in his home town of Jerusalem. There, he developed a unique culinary language based on regional Mediterranean products: olive oil, fish, tahini, fresh seasonal vegetables and of course, the tomato.

Joined by his partner, Shahar Segal, the duo operates HaSalon, North Abraxas, North Miznon, Lilienblum, SHMONÉ, Bella, Miznon, Port Sa'id, Romano, Mirage, Malka, Dvorah and their sister restaurants around the globe. 

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Eyal Shani chopping spicy green peppers (2) _ Action Shot _ Miznon Tel Aviv _ Anatoly Mich

In Sheep's Clothing Hi-Fi

Years before In Sheep’s Clothing’s first listening bar opened in the Arts District, the team visited Port Sa’id, a space that would deeply inspire them on their journey to launching In Sheep’s Clothing. It was one of the first times the ISC team experienced vinyl and analogue culture integrated so seamlessly into a restaurant and bar setting. Realizing ISC and Port Sa’id shared many of the same ideas and approaches to music, food, and analogue culture, they made plans for a future collaboration.

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Interior Design

Sight Specific

Sight Specific was founded by Dror Sher & Tal Friedland Sher, a design company which integrates architecture, interior, customized lighting & furniture design. Tal has a master's degree in architecture from Pratt Institute, and brings knowledge and experience gained from working in firms of distinguished architects such as Peter Eisenman and Herzog & De Meuron. Dror is one of the founders of Port Said Tel Aviv & the Teder group. He has been involved in the restaurant and bar design for over a decade. Together we strive to combine different design elements to create an overall experience that tells a full story. 


At Sight Specific, our passion lies in curating remarkable pieces from bygone eras and intertwining them with furniture creations resulting in a narrative that merges the old and the new, and thrives to create a timeless ambiance that feels as though it has always existed.

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Bar Shot _ Interior Shot _ Port Sa'id _ Max Flatow (_maxflatowphoto).jpg
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Record Collection

The record collection at In Sheep's Clothing HiFi's NYC outpost is compiled of classics often heard at the original Los Angeles location alongside further discoveries ranging from day-drifting ambient and modern classical selections, to candlelit jazz and global sounds. Vintage records sourced by the team at ISC and featuring the discographies of contemporary label favorites.

Sound System

One Away Sound

One A Way is a premier provider of exceptional sound services and experiences, dedicated to delivering pure music reproduction. They offer customized consulting, installations, and acoustic experiences, specializing in crafting custom-designed speakers and state-of-the-art sound systems. Their goal is to capture the essence of music, providing faithful sound that transports you to the recording space.

For Port Sa'id, One Away carefully built this sound system using hand crafted equipment from all over the world.

One Away has built a sound system at Port Sa'id that is unrivaled in New York City. Guests will be able to experience vinyl unlike ever before, and immerse themselves in incredible music.

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Stereo _ Interior Shot _ Port Sa'id _ Max Flatow (_maxflatowphoto).jpg

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